Got my precious baby girl Athena from Le Danjoli, what great people who know their dogs and spoil them rotten :)
Gorgeous Athena almost a year since she became a new family member, best decision I ever made. My soulmate, my best friend♡


Darren_Ashley_Owen_3Le Danjoli
I recently got a puppy from Magda at Le Danjoli. What a special dog, although registered as Lulu Le Danjoli we have been calling her Kelly. She is a beautiful, confident and intelligent puppy who has crept deep into my heart over three days. Thank you Magda for making our union possible and for all the trouble and expense you went to so we could get her. Le Danjoli are truly admirable in placing the well being of their puppies above all else. She will be truly loved and taken care of. My vet complimented her and was also impressed. Thank you very much. 


Magda is a special person she has a heart of gold. I got the most beautiful male puppy from her today. Troy is his name and he is so loving. Thank you Magda you really know how to fill a empty space with a beautiful puppy.

Nicholas_Verrier  Le Danjoli

 Nicholas Verrier
I never had adog before, and she is my first dog, I simply love  her! She was already 12 weeks when we got her and she  already knew a few commands. She is recognised at her school (German Shepherd   school) as being a great dog. I would highly recommend going with     Magda! I have Athena (ice) for more than 6 months now. An             amazing  girl,  very stable, adorable, caring, playfull and full of love.

  Le Danjoli

   Elsebie Nel 

Simply love Magda. Best of the best! She knows her furry kids and knows the breed extremely well. Training with her was the best thing we ever did. A honour to have a Le Danjoli baby.

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